New Recordin

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tour is Over, fuck!

Post tour blues, gotta sleep on my kitchen floor tonight and set up some merch to ease the withdrawals. It was really fun to see everybody and play so many amazing shows. This was a really bad ass tour. Hope to do it again real soon.

Thanks to Micah in Minneapolis, Eric Milwaukee , Ray Carbondale, Ryan and Will in Bloomington, Josh in Pittsburgh, Camilla, Joe and Laura in Brooklyn, Sam in Worcester, Samia and Zak in Boston, Jeff in Philly, David in DC, Morgan in Asheville, Mackenzie and Swamp at Ida, Liz and Tucker in Chattanooga, Clancy and Patrick in Athens, Osa and Candice in NOLA, David in Austin, Chris Los Cruces, Matt in Phoenix, Daryl and Adrian in LA. Thanks to Dead Lights, Eine Kleine Chinmuzik, Ray's band, Landlord, Secret Tombs, ShellShag, Aye Nako, Mortals, The Terribles, The Scamps, Teenage Softies, Demoter, Pet Milk, Max Levine Ensemble, Pox Americana, Add/c, Rag Rage, Dos Tornados, Hot New Mexicans, Nuclear Family, Nervous Juvenile, Bobby Joe Ebola, Hot Dog, Rumspringer, Ten Ten Tam, White Night. And everybody we forgot to mention.