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Friday, December 31, 2010

Submission is a fucking bummer

Last night we played a show at submission gallery in the mission with Opt Out, Death First and two other bands whose names I forgot. This marks the first and last time Homeowners will ever play there. I don't think their all ages status merits them any right to host "diy" punk shows. This place is a safe space for macho security dudes, sexist artwork, shitty sound and no in's and outs. For all the shit I hear people talk about Gilman (myself included) it ain't nothing compared to that fucking place. I'd rather play slims or bottom of the hill.

When you approach the bathroom at Submission look to the left behind the stage and you'll see a mural of a woman in little to no clothes (it was partially covered last night by a white board, but it is still there). She's drawn in a traditionally sexy image, ala large breasts, big ass and pouted lips, like something out of the heavy metal animation or something. She has her hands and legs tied together and the words "submission" above it. What's does this say? To me it's sexual violence and I want no part in playing a space that commissions that kind of bullshit art.

Also, if they're going search bags, not allow in's and out's and pull that shit where they shine a flashlight in your face for standing on a chair, then why aren't they as uptight about making sure a microphone is working or not? It's because they don't give a shit about punk shows or our community at all. They just use us as way to make rent and wield some sort of fucked up power over people. There's no other reason people go to that fucking place besides to see a show, but they're going to put no effort into the sound and be dicks to everyone there.

They treat everyone there as a nuisance or even worse, a potential enemy, and that's exact reason why I got into punk, to avoid that world. Save the macho dudes, and intense security and awful sound for someone else because our community doesn't belong there.

I know that are shitty band that has no draw isn't going to affect the existence of Submission but I strongly encourage everyone else to stop going/playing there as well. We deserve better, and if there isn't any better then let's at least play a shitty club that gives you drinks or food or money or anything to make it easier to be there for four hours.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 30, New Year's Eve Eve show

At the balazoo, or submission gallery or whatever with:

Opt Out
Death First (brooklyn)

A bunch of hardcore bands and us. hmm. should be interesting.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I blame superchunk... Razorcake review

  Here's what they said.


HOMEOWNERS: Light and Vision: 7"

I blame Superchunk’s “Slack Motherfucker.” Was it punk? Was it college rock (which became indie)? It was rockin’ and angsty and I loved it. Girls who liked REM liked them because of the pretty parts and it didn’t look like the guys in the bands were the stabbing kind of hobos who wanted to hurt you. Dudes who had Crass patches liked the “motherfucker” and “I’m not working for you” side of things. And since this was at a really important developmental stage in my music brain, I have the largest soft spot for bands that hit that energy/catchiness, where it can be fists in the air, uncontrolled bouncing, and smart/angry all at the same time. Not to be a dick, but this is what I thought Beat Happening would sound like before I heard them. Don’t let genres lock you into solitary confinement. This shit’s downright enjoyable and fresh. Supposedly, it was also recorded in Neil Young’s model train studio, but the internet is usually a big, fat, fuckin’ liar. –ToddTaylor

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tour is Over, fuck!

Post tour blues, gotta sleep on my kitchen floor tonight and set up some merch to ease the withdrawals. It was really fun to see everybody and play so many amazing shows. This was a really bad ass tour. Hope to do it again real soon.

Thanks to Micah in Minneapolis, Eric Milwaukee , Ray Carbondale, Ryan and Will in Bloomington, Josh in Pittsburgh, Camilla, Joe and Laura in Brooklyn, Sam in Worcester, Samia and Zak in Boston, Jeff in Philly, David in DC, Morgan in Asheville, Mackenzie and Swamp at Ida, Liz and Tucker in Chattanooga, Clancy and Patrick in Athens, Osa and Candice in NOLA, David in Austin, Chris Los Cruces, Matt in Phoenix, Daryl and Adrian in LA. Thanks to Dead Lights, Eine Kleine Chinmuzik, Ray's band, Landlord, Secret Tombs, ShellShag, Aye Nako, Mortals, The Terribles, The Scamps, Teenage Softies, Demoter, Pet Milk, Max Levine Ensemble, Pox Americana, Add/c, Rag Rage, Dos Tornados, Hot New Mexicans, Nuclear Family, Nervous Juvenile, Bobby Joe Ebola, Hot Dog, Rumspringer, Ten Ten Tam, White Night. And everybody we forgot to mention.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Minute Show Monday

This Monday as in Tomorrow the 6th we are playing a generator show at Tire Beach with Rvivr and Dirty Marquee.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Shows

Two Shows in September

Sept. 10 at 34th and MLK w/ The Endemics, Acts of Sedition and one more

September 30 at thrillhouse (pretty sure) with Here Comes a Big Black Cloud, CCR Headcleaner (i think)

Then We Tour.

Oi Oi Oi 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

October Tour Dates

So here are the dates for our Tour in October, so fucking stoked. Get in touch if you want to help.
Also we're playing in Oakland on September 10. Not sure on any information.

30. SF - Thrillhouse w/ Here Comes a Big Black Cloud

3. Minneapolis - w/ These needles

4. Milwaukee - w/ Eine Kleine Chinmuzik

5. Chicago -

6. Bloomington -G-G-G-Ghost house w/ Silent Hippie

7. Columbus -

8. Pittsburgh -

9. New York- Day Show at No Rio w/ ShellShag, Aye Nako

9. New York - Cedar Mansion w/ Mortals, Homewreckers

10. Worcester -Sam's Distant Castle, Forbes St. Co-op w/ The Terribles

11. Boston -

12. Philly -Lucy's Hat Shop w/ Nothing, and Pet Milk

13.D.C. w/ Max Levine Ensemble

14. Asheville - The Get Down w/ Dos Toronados, Studz

15. Ida- w/ Twat Sauce

16. Chattanooga -

17. Athens -The Hangar w/ Hot New Mexicans

18. New Orleans -Koenji House w/ Nuclear Family, Nervous Juvenile

19. Austin - Trailor Space Records w/ Blank Flag, The Creamers and one more

20. Las Cruces - The Trainyard

21. Tucson -

22. LA - House Show

23.Black Butte -w/ Pierced Arrows!, Dirty Marquee and Erick and Ivy

24. Sunday chill

25. Get our asses back to work.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recordin' and tourin'

We recorded a 7" in Neil Young's model train studio (not a lie) and we're leaving for a U.S. tour on October 1st. We'll post the dates soon. We're also playing bay area shows in September and are recording a tape of additional songs and all that shit.

Also bands I have recently heard that rule;

Twat Sauce, Floral Beef (reunion show), Huff Stuff Magazine, Nude Beach, Frozen Teens, God Equals Genocide and Livid.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Nother Show

On Friday, April 23 at 29th and Mission we're playing with God equals Genocide, Fat Beavers (as long as the volcano ash chills out long enough for these french baguettes to get over to 'merica)and one other band. Starts at Seven and we're gonna try to make it quick.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Who we are

We, as in Heather, Jeanette, Michelle, Bryan, Lemme and a lamb have started a new band called homeowners.

Public Performance Piece

April 24th, 2010
Homeowners in East (kinda) Oakland, oooo la la
God Equals Genocide (LA), Fat Beavers (France), Seasick (NJ).
It's at the Hive which is a house so ask someone or consult with ye olde Bad Smut.
Starts at Seven and has to end by 10:30.